Chicago-Istanbul-Cape Town

On Sunday July 28, we finally finished cleaning and packing our condo, stored our cars and hopped a bus to Chicago. As usually we cut everything a little closer than necessary but it all worked out fine.

We thought we did OK packing and Arpita surprised both of us when she was able to cram most of her stuff into one wheelie and one backpack.

First stop Istanbul!!

These maps are great!

The stop in Istanbul was basically a long layover (8 hrs) but we decided to head into the city and wander around a little. By the time we got our visas and cleared passport control we had a little over 3 hours to explore. We are glad we did!

Blue mosque…

We decided to get some dinner at a little cafe just a block or so from the hippodrome. Turns out they had a nice little terrace with excellent views. And our timing couldn’t have been much better.

The view from dinner…

It was pretty neat to see the sunset and the lights come up on the mosque. Unfortunately we forgot (or didn’t actually know) that dinners in turkey seem to move at the same speed as dinners in Greece….very, very slow. By the time we were done we walked to the grand bazaar and caught a cab back to the airport. We were very psyched to spend 2 nights in a row on a Turkish air flight. They did give us 2 meals per flight (even if we took off at 1 am local time)!

We did finally arrive in Cape Town at 1 pm local time on Tuesday after a 13 hour trip from Istanbul. We had a nice surprise waiting at for us at our first hotel! Thanks Mom and dad!!

I think the rose petals may be from the hotel but mom and dad did hook us up with a nice bottle of champagne and a delicious little snack!!

To recap: 23 hours flight time, 10,100 miles flown, 3 continents, 1 quick layover in Turkey with a nice dinner and better view…


2 thoughts on “Chicago-Istanbul-Cape Town

  1. Dinesh Badami

    Wow ! It feels as if I am travelling with you guys ! Thank you for posting the pictures. And, keep the commentary going.


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