Tarangire National Park

Ok. We have been having technical difficulties so this keeps getting more and more fragmented. I have decided to just try to show some of the highlights of each park in separate blogs. Here goes….

We started off in Tarangire national park. This park is noted for its elephants. Of course we saw much more than that!

Elephants in a pond. When they came in everyone else cleared out!

Our proximity to one herd earned us a mock charge from one bull followed by an excited look!

Elephant greeting.

Our first lion!

He's got an itch.

Female ostrich mating dance. We'd show what happens next but this is a g-rated blog.

Martial eagle (largest eagle) eating a dik-dik (smallest antelope)

2 adult mane less male lions. Nobody quite knew why they didn't have manes.


Hopefully this will work! We will try to post all the Serengeti pics tonight…



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