The Serengeti

After Tarangire we stopped for the day in Ngorongoro Crater. This is a much different experience as all the game are concentrated in a much smaller area (100 square miles). The crater floor is 5900 feet above sea level. Unfortunately for us we had a little car trouble and our tour was cut a little shorter as we had a long commute to the central Serengeti.

Kori bustard in Ngorongoro crater. This is the heaviest flying bird.

Hyena den with pups.

Male and female lion in close proximity. Again, I'd show what happened next but we want this to be g-rated. Male lions in the crater have much fuller manes due to the higher elevation and cooler climate.

Sign needs work as do the roads. 3 cars were had broken axels!

These next several pictures are all from our 1st day in the central Serengeti. We saw the big five on our morning and afternoon game drives. The big 5 are rhino, elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard.

Pride of around 12 lionesses and cubs. Males are above but weren't with the rest.

A mother a 2 young cheetahs

Black rhino

Dwarf mongoose.

90 % of the worlds pink flamingos are in the Serengeti.


Cape buffalo

Young leopard in a tree at sunset. Our last spotting on our 1st day in the central serengeti.

Now our 1st day in the northern Serengeti. This is where the great wildebeest migration is located at this time of year. There had already been several crossings of the Mara river and predators were well feed, especially the crocs and the cats on the south side of the river. We did get to see 2 small and and one large crossing. The large crossing lasted 90 minutes or so.

Sparring hippos

Vultures feeding on a wildebeest carcass

Gathering to cross the Mara

Leaping into the river

We did get lucky to watch a hunt. 3 cheetah brothers woke up from a nap on the north side of the Mara and started to hunt some wildebeest. We saw one cheetah jump on a wildebeest but was unable to bring him down. Unfortunately the sun was setting and we had to leave before the end of the hunt.

We went back the next morning and found a couple of fresh kills but no cheetahs.

Same kill 4 hours later….

This one was nearly killed. He has quite a chunk taken out of his back.

One of the better sunsets we saw.

Asante sana Tanzania!!!



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  1. Deo Magoye

    Thank you so much g I really appreciate. I wish you all the best on your travell and hope to hear more travel news from you.


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