Bali: Spirituality, Pampering, and Surfing!

Bali is my kind of place. It has so much going on besides beautiful beaches. We arrived in the evening, and took a taxi to Ubud ( a once quiet town made well known from “eat, pray, love”). During the hour drive to Ubud my eyes were glued to what was going on outside. Just 10 minutes after leaving the airport we passed a statue in the middle of a roundabout depicting an epic Hindu tale, which apparently is totally normal. The rest of the ride was filled with motorcycles zipping by, impressive temples, and local art and carvings.

The place we stayed was amidst rice paddys and evoked serenity.

After a restful night, we decided to have breakfast and check out the town.


The next day we went to Seminyak and Kuta, known for surfing, shopping, and partying. We hired a car and driver for the whole day for just $45, and he took us wherever we wanted on the island. That was the other fun thing about Bali, super affordable!

Beer (at least Bintang) is cheaper than water!

McDonald's delivers?

After eating and drinking well, getting $10 pedicures and massages (for Arpita), and beach time we decided we needed a little more exercise :). Day 27 we did a bike tour up to one of the volcanoes and Lake Batur, and through the villages of “real Bali.” It wasn't as much exercise as you might think a 25 km bike ride would be as the whole entire route was downhill!

One of the stops on the downhill bike ride was a coffee plantation. Kristin and Pat may know what Luwak coffee is, but for those of you who don't let me explain… They have an animal known as a Kopi Luwak, who eats the ripe coffee beans and the coffee bean passes through the digestive system whole. The coffee comes out shelled and by the chemical reaction tasting better (supposedly).

A Luwak

Brewing Luwak coffee

Drinking Luwak coffee; I took a sip of Alex's

Tasting sample of a variety of Balinese coffee and teas

Our route took us through rural villages and rice paddys.

Women making daily prayer offering

After the bike tour we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in Ubud


Even Alex had to wear a sarong

Later that evening we went to Ubud Palace to watch a traditional dance. Awesome!

Our last day in Bali. This is the Infiniti pool overlooking the rice paddies at our hotel.


Monkey forest. It is a sacred spot and there are mischievous monkeys everywhere. They are known for stealing hats and sunglasses and running off into the forest.

This is what happens when you have a banana….

One of the famous sea temples, Tanah Lot

Being blessed with holy water.

After watching the sunset we stopped in kuta for an interesting dinner in a pool.

We then made our way to the airport for a 1220 am flight to Australia. Our time in Bali was way too short, but feel lucky to have had a taste of it.



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